Prospering in the Unknown Future Business World (Whirled!)

Are you wondering how to surf the unknown future? Stay relevant? Out innovate your competitors? What do you do when a situation is completely new, when both the problem and the solution are unknown? What does your competitor do?

What does an unknown situation mean for your organization? Who you hire? How you plan? Is some part of your organization fearing the unknown and clinging to the known? If so, it will be hard to adapt and make progress. But your competitors are facing similar challenges.

If you can get really good at surfing the unknown, you've got a real advantage, and can even welcome change and the unknown. It will give you an on-going advantage.

As the world changes more rapidly, and we need to innovate faster, we all need to get comfortable surfing the unknown. It helps to get fluent at it for small stuff, so that you're ready when the stakes are high. It can be learned, it can be practiced. It can give your organization a long-term competitive advantage.

I can help you face the unknown, sort out options, and make progress. We can start big, or start small. Since the pace of change only increases, it's good to start.

While I do concentrated consulting on specific business challenges, I also offer longer-term coaching to help you prosper in the unknown future. It's more creative, reflective, subtle, and powerful. I listen deeply. Help you brainstorm possibilities, sort out options, and make progress. It's easy to try. No contract. Just tell me what's important to you. I'll listen, and help you move forward. If you're not satisfied, you don't pay, and we stop. Simple as that. My job is to keep providing you with value, even as what's important to you continues to morph and evolve.

Tell me what's most important to you now, and where you want to go. And if you're not sure, that's a great start...


Client Comments

"Kelley Harris helped make our product an award-winning success. From the inception, and throughout eight years of evolution, he continually provides critical technical and business insights, that strengthened the product and business. While others certainly helped, our product simply would not exist today without Kelley's thoughtful contributions." -- Micheal T., Founder

"Kelley is an incredible resource into Agile methodologies -- what works, why it works, and how to implement. We have engaged Kelley to prepare materials, give technical guidance, and facilitate adoption of key practices into our organization. We enjoy working with Kelley and would highly recommend him to others." -- Jonathan S., Founder and CEO

"Kelley's guidance and feedback on our design and development were instrumental in our successful demonstration launch. He gave us important direction both from the development side and the user experience side." -- David T., President & CEO

"I worked with Kelley Harris over the course of several years and have always admired his integrity and intelligence. I particularly appreciated these qualities in my role as project manager. Kelley is a calm and level-headed presence, unselfishly contributing to the success of any project." -- Tim C., Project Manager

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